Friday, December 23, 2022

Acknowledged Individuals in the PostgreSQL Release Notes

PostgreSQL v15 was released just last October and a group of volunteers have been sending out gifts for the contributors acknowledged in the released notes.  The PostgreSQL Funds Group has been supporting these efforts starting with the v12 release.

The volunteers make an effort to contact everyone directly, but there are a handful that get missed.  This blog is another attempt to reach those that have been missed because we have roughly a 50% response rate each year and we want to try to get a gift to as many people on the list as we can.

If you are wondering which releases you have been acknowledged in, please see the details on the community wiki on how to check and who to contact.  We just need a mailing address to send the gift.

For entertainment purposes, I've created a chart showing the countries that have been mailed to thus far.

Happy holidays!


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